If you are a new homeowner looking to add a well, or you’re building a new construction and will need a water source, there are several well regulations and code you must consider in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Below are some of the links to Virginia’s Private Well Regulations from Chapter 630. The regulations provide standards relating to the location and construction of private wells that meet domestic needs for water and protect aquifers.

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Section 350 General Well Information

Section 360 Classes of water wells

Section 370Water quality and quantity

Section 380 Well location

Section 390 Site protection

Section 400 Materials

Section 410 Construction; general

Section 420 Observation, monitoring, and remediation wells

Section 430 Disinfection

Section 440 Information to be reported

Section 450Well abandonment

Section 460 Water system yields for residential use wells

Section 470 Chlorination dosage rates

Section 480 Well casing specifications

Download the  water source application from the Virginia Department of Health