A home, business or farm is worth little without an adequate supply of quality water. Before we even start drilling, there are several steps that should be taken to assure proper permitting and site selection. Our master drillers will talk with you about legal requirements to assure proper permits, as well as selecting the best location for your water well.

Here are a few of the steps we will cover during a water well consultation.


  • Obtain permit for the water well from the local health department
  • Consider any restrictions or conditions listed on the permit
  • Make sure drilling contractor looks over the permit.


  • Is the well adequately isolated from sources of contamination?
  • Will the well be accessible for maintenance?
  • Is the drilling site away from utility line (above/below ground).


  • What depth of grouting is required on this site?
  • What type of grouting will be used? (Cement – Bentonite)