Every well needs a quality pump to deliver the water from beneath the earth into your faucet. Not only will Bedford Well Driling take care of your well needs, we also install the correct pumping system and guarantee our work.

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There is a lot to consider before installing a pump for your well. We have the experts with the answers.


  • Gallons per minute usage
  • Adequate pressure for future use and possibility of a lower water level in the well
  • Cost of the pump
  • Pump reliability
  • Cost of operating the pump
  • Cost and ease of servicing

We offer a large line of quality pumps from the industry’s top manufacturers including:

JACUZZI, FLINT & WALLING (F&W) as well as GRUNDFOS commercial pumps.


The key to selecting the right size pump is figuring out how many gallons per minute you will require at peak periods. A pump should be selected to meet the normal peak demand for the household rather than average use.

There are two common methods for sizing a residential pump system that gives similar results, looking at the number of fixtures and looking at peak demand.

Capacity Based on Fixture Count

The capacity of the pump system in gallons per minute should equal the number of fixtures in the home. This must take into account all use for the kitchen, bath, appliances, outside irrigation, and a pool or hot tub.

In this model, a modern home with 2 bathrooms (3 outlets each), kitchen sink, dishwasher, washing machine, laundry tub and 2 outside faucets would require a capacity of 12 gallons per minute, based on the 12 fixtures our outlets.

Capacity Based on Peak Demand

A second model, using the same fixtures as mentioned above, calculates capacity based on a seven-minute peak demand.

The peak demand for household water is normally in the morning, when the family rises, or in the evening, when all are at home. Seven minutes is the average high water use timeframe for a shower or automatic washer. (See below)

Pump Capacity