It’s always best to use a water well system professional licensed or registered to conduct well maintenance. You may end up saving yourself lots of money in unnecessary repairs down the road.

Well owners shouldn’t attempt to perform such maintenance. Those who do, risk damaging the well water system or injuring themselves. Even many professional plumbers lack the skills, knowledge, experience, and equipment to diagnose and fix water well system problems.

What does basic water well maintenance involve?

  • The well casing that protrudes from the ground
  • The well cap on top of the casing
  • The electrical conduit connection
  • Hazardous household substances near the well
  • Pooling water around the well
  • Plant growth encroaching on the well
  • Physical hazards that could damage the well (i.e., tractor mowers, vehicles)
  • If you see evidence of well system deterioration or a hazard, consult a water well professional about next steps.

Also, consult a water well professional if there is a noticeable change in water quality, a water test indicates a problem, water pressure drops or fluctuates, the flow of water into the well decreases, and the well needs disinfection.