Leaks in water well casings can be caused by a variety of things including corrosion, pressure from stones or other objects pressing against the casing, splits at a welded or defective casing seam, even a lightning strike or nearby construction site that may be blasting.

It can often be difficult to tell that your well casing has a leak. Here are a few signs that you may have a problem.

  • A gradual reduction in well flow rate
  • Sudden appearance of dirt, sand, debris in the water supply
  • Changing your water filters more often than normal
  • A bacterial or other contamination problem in the well water

If you have one or more of these symptoms, your well may be in trouble. Failure to fix the problem could cause further damage to your well casing and lead to possible pump failure in extreme cases.

The good news is, you don’t always need another well drilled. Our well experts can come out, identify the problem and suggest another option such as a well liner or screen.



Diagram or a well line and well screen

Diagram of a well liner and well screen


A well liner is often the best way to assure your well is not leaking. A well technician will come out and check the well using either a visual inspection or by sending camera into the well.

Repair sleeves are designed to fix a specific leak spot in a well casing – often one that occurs near the top of the water level where oxygen and water combine to increase the risk of corrosion. The installer lowers a well casing repair sleeve, a cylinder small enough to slide into the casing, to the point where the casing is leaking. The technician then seals the sleeve to the surrounding well casing to block the casing leak or damage.



Deciding on whether to install a well liner or completely replace the well is a challenge. You’ll want to consider overall cost, the age of the current well, the magnitude of the damage and casing condition and water demand.

Our experts can guide you through the process and see what is best for your situation. Call or email us for a consultation.

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